What is Trolling Fishing?

Sep 26, 2022 | Sport Fishing

In very simple words Trolling is a fishing technique where you make your target species to follow the bait in your rig while the boat moves very slowly. The speed of the boat will depend on the species you want to atract, it could go from 2 to 5 knots.

Different speeds of bait moving atracts different species, this will make the fish think that what is moving is your bait as it were alive.

Another element to keep in mind is the depth that the fish swims arround. The trolling techniche allows you to rig the bait in more thean one line at different depths and drag them all at the same time to increase your chances. In order to take full advantage of this technique and others we strongly suggest that take the 6 hrs trip. So you have the chance to go to a better spot and deep sea fishing using Trolling technique.

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