Top 3 Species to catch in October

Sep 26, 2022 | Sport Fishing

Given the crew experience during all this years exploring the Caribbean waters they came up with a very accurate Fishing Calendar. For every season they would know where to find the most abundant species, and will lead you to the catch of your life.

Here you will find the 3 top species to find in this side of the world departing from Playa del Carmen, on a Deep Sea Fishing day.




Let us kindly remind that regardless the season you take your fishing trip, it will be a high probability to catch one of the fairly or rarely find species in this waters. You will become the “the catch of the day” if you manage to lock on a Sailfish or a powerfull Wahoo.

Feel cofident that our crew will do what ever is in their hands to comeback from the trip with one of those big monsters hanging from your fishing rod, how ever keep in mind that the results depend in several things, that include but not limited to weather conditions, season, visibility, goverment regulations.

Every kind of information you need the day of your trip will be provided by the crew and you can always ask the Captain for any further inquiries. Feel free to check on our Trips to choose the most convinient date for you and your group.

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