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La Reina Sport Fishing Riviera Maya is a family-owned local charter that provides personalized and authentic Mexican-style fishing experiences suitable for all levels of anglers. Captain Enrique founded the business and named the boat as a tribute to his wife. Today, his daughter Gloria proudly manages the family legacy, armed with extensive knowledge of the area and its traditions. Join us for an unforgettable fishing adventure in Riviera Maya!

In the early 90s, Don Enrique’s passion for sport fishing was ignited after securing 2nd Place in a tournament, despite being seen as an underdog. He then founded a restaurant, but something was still missing. Using his tournament winnings and savings, he traveled to Mérida and commissioned a customized boat, perfectly tailored to his needs.

The completion of the vessel marked the start of a family legacy, which he intended to pass down to future generations. Seeking advice on naming the boat, Don Enrique contacted his daughter, Gloria, who was inspired by a popular Mexican TV show that aired in 2012. The show helped Gloria to honor her mother, Don Enrique’s wife, and she chose to name the boat “La Reina.”

Experience the legacy of Don Enrique with La Reina, a vessel customized to deliver the ultimate sport fishing experience. Book now to explore the beauty of Riviera Maya waters!

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